Risk Assesment of electrical or mechanical equipment for use in hazardous areas, in accordance with DSEAR.

The DSEAR regulations require the employer to provide appropriate information and training to those working in places where explosive atmospheres may occur.

ExExperience has a number of popular training courses available to satisfy this requirement, but more importantly, to properly inform your workforce about potentially explosive atmospheres and all the steps that are taken to protect them from fires or explosions.

All the training courses use demonstrations, samples and exercises to involve and entertain the attendees as well as informing them about the subject.

Short Presentation on ATEX and DSEAR

This presentation can be delivered in approximately 2 hours and is intended for process operators, technicians and anyone who works in or around hazardous areas but is not directly involved in the installation or maintenance of electrical or mechanical equipment in hazardous areas. This course explains the meaning of the zoned areas and the philosophy of protection. It makes it clear why un-certified electrical equipment may not be taken into the hazardous area.

One-day overview

More detailed than the short presentation, this course explains the requirements of ATEX and DSEAR. It explains hazardous area classification and also outlines the protection concepts of certified electrical equipment. Also included are presentations on the installation, inspection and maintenance of equipment in hazardous areas.

Two-day hazardous area classification course

The objective of this course is to prepare anyone who is going to take part in a hazardous area classification project. The course builds on the early lectures by working through a series of syndicate exercises in which increasingly complex process plants are classified.

Three day course on electrical equipment in hazardous areas

This course is for those people who actually work on hazardous area electrical and mechanical installations. It covers all of the methods of protection in detail and explains the safety features so that the equipment can be correctly installed, inspected and maintained.

The list of courses above is not exhaustive but simply gives the general idea. Any of these courses can be tailored to suit the relevant industry, to concentrate on liquid and vapour hazards, dust hazards or both. The courses can also be more directed at electrical or mechanical equipment, or can consider both.

Please contact ExExperience to discuss your training needs, to work with us to develop the training that you need or to get a quotation for our training service.

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