Electrical and mechanical equipment for hazardous areas, selection, installation & inspection.

When you know the size and shape of your zoned areas it is necessary to ensure that all electrically powered apparatus and all mechanical equipment in these areas is appropriate to the zone, the hazard material and the temperature class.

Furthermore, it has to be correctly installed, using appropriate cables and glands, earthing and bonding, static protection, corrosion protection etc. and it must be maintained in this condition throughout its working life.

For new installations ExExperience can help you to select appropriate electrical equipment, advise on installation requirements and provide you with a detailed pre-commissioning inspection report for each item. ExExperience can also produce a DSEAR verification checklist to demonstrate that the new plant is in compliance with DSEAR before it is first put into service.

For existing installations ExExperience can carry out a close or detailed inspection of electrical equipment in accordance with IEC 79-17 or BS EN 60079-17 advising of any areas of non-compliance and prioritising repair work.

ExExperience can also help you to produce an EPD or ‘Explosion Protection Document’ which is a complete documentation of your installation with respect to DSEAR.

junction box label

The label on an ATEX compliant junction box

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