Risk Assesment of electrical or mechanical equipment for use in hazardous areas, in accordance with DSEAR.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to buy a certified version of the electrical or mechanical equipment that you need to use in a hazardous area. It is however possible to justify the use of uncertified equipment provided that you carry out a documented risk assessment. The basic objective is to demonstrate that the equipment you have is of an equivalent level of safety as electrical or mechanical equipment that is ATEX compliant. Electrical equipment can be assessed against the requirements of the IEC 79 series of standards and the basic health and safety requirements of the ATEX directive. Mechanical equipment can be assessed against BS EN 13463.

Equipment in service before July 2003 should have been risk assessed by July 2006. If this still hasn’t been done, it is rather overdue, but still needs doing!

ExExperience can assess your apparatus, suggest the means by which it can be made appropriate for a hazardous area, e.g. pressurisation, oil filling etc. We can then produce a technical report (in conjunction with appropriate test results) which will justify the use of the equipment in a hazardous area, and provide you with the necessary documentation to install it or continue using it.

burnt-out pump

The mechanical failure of a hydrocarbon pump can result in a fire.

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