Gas, vapour and dust hazardous area classification.

The DSEAR (Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations 2002 and Statutory instrument 192) are now applicable to all industrial sites with inventories above 50 litres of highly flammable or extremely flammable fluids or above 250 litres of flammable fluids. They are also applicable to companies storing or using explosible dusts or powders.

One of the obligations of DSEAR is to classify places where potentially explosive atmospheres may occur into zones 0, 1, and 2 for gases and vapours and zones 20, 21 and 22 for combustible dusts. These classifications must then be maintained to take account of changes to plant, materials or operating procedures.

Hazardous area classification can be a complicated and time consuming subject to master, and most industrial sites only need to spend a few days a year on the development or maintenance of area classification. This means that using an external consultant for area classification is very cost effective.

ExExperience can provide the expertise and experience that will either produce an initial hazardous area classification or update an existing one within a practical pre-arranged time-frame and for a realistic price.

The classification cannot take place without input from your own engineers and operators but ExExperience will co-ordinate the information gathering and the area classification meetings. From this a detailed area classification report will be produced and drawings will be produced or updated. The classification report and drawings will then be agreed and signed off by all those who took part.

Whatever your hazardous area classification need, we will be happy to evaluate the project and give you an itemised quotation.

AC1 Diagram

A section from a hazardous area classification drawing.

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